A - Attend carefully to the details of your business.
B - Be prompt in all things.
C - Consider well, and then decide positively.
D - Dare to do right, fear to do wrong.
E - Endure trails patiently.
F - Fight life’s battles bravely, manfully.
G - Go not into the society of the vicious.
H - Hold integrity secure.
I - Insure not another’s expectations or business.
J - Join hands only with the victorious.
K - Keep your mind away from evil thoughts.
L - Lie not for any consideration.
M - Make few acquaintances.
N - Never try to appear what you are not.
O - Observe good manners.
P - Pay your debts promptly.
Q - Question not the sincerity of a friend.
R - Respect the council of your parents.
S - Sacrifice money rather than principle.
T - Temper should be controlled.
U - Use your bisure to self improvement.
V - Venture not upon the evil deeds.
W - Watch carefully over your passion.
X - Extend to everybody a kind salutation.
Y - Yield not to discouragement.
Z - Zealously labour for right.