Mission & Vision


The mission of the our college is to promote Excellence through Diversity of Knowledge, Diversity of Culture, and Diversity of Communication. Towards this end, York College seeks to provide prospective teachers with the following knowledge, skills, and dispositions:

Diversity of Knowledge:
Broad and deep knowledge of academic content Broad and deep knowledge of pedagogy Ability to be reflective practitioners with a strong conviction that learning is a lifelong process achievable by all Openness to examining the power and biases of knowledge and knowledge construction

Diversity of Culture:

Ability to be caring and ethical persons in order to build teaching and learning environments that draw on the strengths of students’ diverse cultures and learning styles Ability to prepare students to be active and effective participants in a political and social democracy

Diversity of Communication:

Strong communication skills Strong technological literacy skills Ability to collaborate with parents and leaders/agencies in the local community Ability to collaborate with the professional educational community



The vision of the our college is to develop a cadre of professional educators who, having been taught by models of good teaching, are prepared with an array of theories, tools, and skills necessary to create rich learning environments in which urban children and youth can strive for and reach success.

To prepare competent and committed school teachers.

• To develop sense of social responsibility in would be teachers.

• To impart skills of working with the community.

• To impart education and skill to prepare teacher who can efficiently take the responsibility of developing cognative, cognative and psychomotor aspects of the personality of children.