Message by Management

Dear Pupils Teachers,

I with immense pleasure, would like to welcome you to the Gaurav College of Education. Form starts your journey towards your one important goal becomes good teacher to serve humanity. Teacher working demanding, yet rewarding profession, combining the art of caring with the other all development. Our programme offers you the opportunity to experience different aspects of teaching.

Education must be designed to accommodate current trends and future neds. We must enhance the flexibility of the curricula. Professional eduation must create more connections and stronger partnership with the global society in which we are embedded.

We must examine the relevance of the curricula and strive for the fulfillment of university, college and professional missions. As such we have an obligation to address the full range of higher educating, namely teaching and learning and service to the community. Indeed these three elements must be totally integrated if we are to be effective in the pursuit of our mission.

We with you co-operation towards development of college will establish the college to achieve new heights in spreading teaching education.

We hope that our efforts will go a long way and will make in the field of teaching education.